Roma series has the ability to vary the patterns and colors, offering new and different opportunities for furniture, however, recalling the classic style and elegance of the typical products of the artisans of the past, adapted to contemporary society.

Product: C400
Dimensions: Ø cm. 14 - H cm. 16 - SP cm. 22
Bulbs: 1 x max 42W E14

Product: C401
Dimensions: H cm. 17 - L cm. 32 - Sp cm. 23
Bulbs: 2 x max 42W E14

Product: C404/4
Dimensions: Ø cm. 62 - H cm. 21
Bulbs: 4 x max 42W E14

Frames available in following finishes:

Ceramics available in following finishes:

Decorations available: