Noi, La Giulia E Altri Miracoli

Our heyday is  going on. After being selected for Tv series  “Don Matteo”, “Che Dio ci aiuti”e “Un passo dal cielo” broadcast on National Italian channel RAI 1, big screen production  is ready to use our products, too.

ITALIANA INTERNATIONAL FILM company decided to use Ferroluce to represent Italian style and elegance on all cinemas.

Located in Basilicata (Southern Italian Region), comedy has four fantastic protagonists, four losers who are looking for opening a restaurant but… that area is completely controlled by Camorra!

A wonderful and funny italian comedy that makes you laugh, without hiding defects and weaknesses of our country…

On cinemas from February, 19th, 2015

CAST: Edoardo Leo (regista), Luca Argentero, Claudio Amendola, Anna Foglietta, Stefano Fresi e Carlo Buccirosso